Good looks and high performance are probably the main reasons why you would choose a McCulloch. But it might be nice to know that there are a few rational points behind your choice. First of all, there’s the experience and innovations. We have been working with garden products for decades, and we are always taking new steps in our product development. Then there’s the design concept, where we try to make all products look as powerful as they are. Inside and out, McCulloch is basically about one thing: the power to get it done.

  • Why McCulloch?

    There are many reasons to let a McCulloch into your garden. Power, advanced technology and ease of use are some of them. More can be found here.

  • Design and quality

    By using our own experience and extensive research, we are always striving for higher durability, lower emissions, improved safety and better design.

  • History

    Read the fascinating story of McCulloch – a story that includes several world-firsts in the evolution of the chainsaw.