• McCulloch Trimmer and Brushcutter accessories

    McCulloch Trimmer and Brushcutter accessories

    A McCulloch trimmer isn’t just a trimmer. Thanks to the many high-quality accessories, you can make your trimmer useful in many more ways than just trimming grass and brushes.

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    McCulloch Trimmer and Brushcutter accessories


    Saw Blade

    Grass Blade

    Trimmer Heads

    Trimmer Heads

    Spool and Line

    Spool & Lines

    Trimmer Lines

    Nylon Line (Round)

    Multitool Attachments

    Blower Attachment

    Brushcutter Attachment

    Edger Attachment

    Hedge Cutter Attachment

    Pole Pruner Attachment


    Spark Plugs for Portable Products


    Hearing Protectors with Mesh Visor

    Protective Glasses

    Hearing Protectors

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      By watching our How-To movies you will learn how to do the easy maintenance on your McCulloch products and why you should use safety equipment.

    • Safety first

      McCulloch’s high-quality protective equipment keeps you safe while working with powerful products – and also make you look great while doing it.

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