Last Updated: 12 June 2012

Let protective clothing and accessories increase your power

By getting a new McCulloch chainsaw or lawnmower you’ll probably get some attention from your neighbours. We wanted to expand on that thought, and so we created a whole new line of protective clothing, including cool jackets, trousers, boots and gloves.

The main reason for introducing the new protective clothing is, of course, to make you feel safe and comfortable when working with powerful machines – although sometimes you may just want the look of someone who knows what he’s doing. Clothing makes the gardener, as the saying goes.

In addition, the Universal brand, also by McCulloch, offers a complete collection of accessories such as oils and chainsaw chains. Within the Universal range there are also attachments to make your trimmer and other products more useful.

In short, if there’s anything that gets the job done even faster, you’ll probably find it within the McCulloch accessories range.

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