Last Updated: 08 June 2012

How you get it done: Soil cultivation

Turning over the soil in your vegetable plot makes it more fertile, but it can be hard work preparing the soil for spring sowing and planting. A cultivator makes this task much easier.

Soil analysis

First find out what type of soil you have, so you can add the right nutrients (compost or fertiliser) as you cultivate.

Take it easy

Don’t overdo your cultivation. The soil needs the air that is present in lumps of earth and in the small pockets between these lumps. The more finely divided the soil, the less able it is to resist rain.

When you finish harvesting in autumn, cultivate the vegetable plot again and then let it rest until next spring. There is no point in fertilising now, as the fertiliser will have washed away by spring.

Products for cultivating, including roller attachment for use on tractors.

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